Friday, January 29, 2010

Introducing the man wagon

Hello everyone from the Land of the Long White Cloud - Aeotearoa : New Zealand.

We arrived into Auckland two weeks ago and quickly set about purchasing ourselves a 1997 Ford Telstar 2.0 GL MAN WAGON. The vehicle seems to have been in several side, rear and front end collisions and the inside was rather dusty and complimented with a 75 lb. sofa mat. Under the hood things look rather pre 1970 including an old fashioned carbeurator, but it sounds quite alright and should do the job.

The first week was a bit rough learning to drive on the left side of the road which holds its own difficulties; like when we rolled backward down an off ramp after missing our turn and hit another car with our ball hitch. We quickly got ourselves third party insurance and got ourselves outta auckland.

Since then we picked oursleves out some nice cheap surfboards and a slew of plastic accoutrements from a walmart cousin store called the "warehouse". Then took off for the coasts to get in some surf and sun. Pictures and more story to come - stay tuned...