Friday, March 5, 2010

From the Sea to the Mountains and back again

Hey everyone.... After crossing over to the South Island we got so excited we made ourselves sick. First Corissa got sick, then Will got sick, then CK said WB was being a sissy about his cold cause hers wasn't that bad... then karma got CK and ck got sick again. And so the wheel spins. Despite the diseases though, we've had a pretty great two weeks. We were immediately treated to a beautiful sunset on the beach with mountains behind us and a rabbit pizza. Then headed off into the mountains where we stayed a few nights at the Craigieburn camp ground with an excellent crew of people amongst some of the best bouldering in the world and the spiritual center of the universe (according to the Dalai Llama). Its true. We then headed further south into the 60mph winds and rain of central Otago. We were really grateful to wake up in the morning and have clear skys to be able to see the beautiful surroundings of Aoraki/Mt.Cook national park.... After a three mile hike we were spent and gorged ourselves on roast, steak and fries. Enjoy these pics... more to come from our current study local: Dunedin!
And we are off!

Corissa says I didn't deserve this

hello blue waters


wb and ck in the mountains

the mountain hut

Bridge Crossing

Climbers monument

Glaciers in the Morning

windy mountain lake

Kaikoura sunset in the mountains

Surfs good

Kaikoura Sunset

In the hot sun

More than a look

Corissa cranking

Border Crossing

Flock Hill Bouldering

Hoofing it at the Hill.


  1. love the facial expressions of the JUMP! glad sickness didn't trip you up too much. its great fun following this blog :)

  2. are you a professional photographer yet?