Friday, March 5, 2010

Wellington, the windy capitol city.

Alot has happened since our last update! Sorry for not staying on the bandwagon with our updates... After we last spoke we travelled south to Wellington, the windy capitol city! There we tried to find a hostel but instead found a garbage dump where we ran over some beer bottles from party central's previous night. So we decided we'd spend the week in the car down by the bay instead. This also afforded us excellent opportunities to take saunas, hot tubs, and steam rooms/showers at the local aquatic center. We also managed to get in many hours of work and studying along with visits to Te Papa (The national museum), the NZ Film Archive, and the public library. We also learned some sweet break dancing moves from a 2+ hour dance off which included several competitors under age 8 who had some seriously bad ass attitude.
We tried out some surfing at the local hot spot, Lyall Bay, complete with over 100 surfers every night... and some delicious burgers on the beach featuring the infamous 2 dogs sauce (these were not just any dogs from a hotdog van).
After about a week we finally said our goodbyes to Swellington and headed to the ferry to cross over to the South Island. Enjoy these pics of our time in welly. And look ahead for the pics of southy!
PEACE wb and ck
Enjoy these pics of some of our time in Wellington

walking to school

te papa whanganui

outside te papa whanganui


wildlife in wellington

blending in with our surroundings

web cafe

lyall bay sunset

tugboats chilling at 6am

good bye north island

hello south island

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