Friday, March 26, 2010

Southland and the Fjordland

Hey everyone, this post starts out as far south as we could go on the south island. Unfortunately, things down south began a little intensly for us. It began with Will's wallet going AWOL. Later, upon arriving at our southerly campsite we were struck to hear that a woman had fallen from a cliff edge to her death. Please keep her families in your thoughts. Afterward a very intesnse wind storm blew in from antarctica. We then found ourselves having missed a day of the week and completely fell off the correct calendar schedule for who knows how long, only to be reawoken when we found out we had missed a much anticipated kayaking trip. No worries. Things got better... The kayaking trip lived on and we caught some sweet "tramping" in a beautiful part of the country. We hope you enjoy the pics!

a rescue attempt
there are millions of them
but they are still scared shitless of us

here comes the southerly

abused for hundreds of years by antarctica

surfs up bro.

you'd better see the video we're making for y'all

i am trying to stay away from the sandflys
by using will as my decoy
tramping in the rainforest

hidden falls

hollyford track

gigantic shroom

the studies really do happen...
only to be interrupted later in the evening however by a duo of drunken hunters going night shooting at whatever eyeballs they could find
the magnificent milford sound stump

guess who did most of the paddling?

we nearly missed the boat ... literally

sea level views


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